About Me

Hi! I am Natalie

I am a 10-year-old girl who enjoys baking, shopping, and good eating.

I have 3 siblings Jade, Sam, and Mickie. Jade is 13, Sam is 7, and Mickie is 2.

I hope you enjoy my blog and find what you are looking for.

Here is my wacky brother Sammy.

In this picture, he was acting like his looney self.

Me, Jade, and my sweet mama!

Here is my mom’s blog:

Healthy, Allergy-Friendly, Low Sugar Recipes – Oatmeal with a Fork

Here is Jade’s blog:

Eat This Paint That.com

Here is my sweet little sister Miki. Of course, this is a younger picture of her.

She is the most gentle, loving little baby I have ever met.

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you have learned some good facts about who I am.